Travel Predictions for 2021


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Travel Predictions for 2021
“When will travel get back to normal?”, “When can we travel?”, “Will we be able to travel in 2021?”. These are the most travel-related questions asked so far this year, which is understandable. At this point it’s safe to say everyone (including myself) is desperate for a holiday or even just a week away from their home/country they reside in. The answer to these questions is unknown, however many have predicted to be around July 2021 onwards for UK residents –  these have been predicted by many corporations within the travel industry based the Covid-19 vaccine roll out. For other countries, this will be highly dependent on the plans highlighted by respective government, although I believe it may also be summertime onwards.
The next question that are usually asked is “What will travel look like when restrictions have been lifted?”. This question is a tricky one and you will find many different responses to this. In my opinion I believe there will be a steep rise of domestic holidays, many people will mostly plan to do staycations in and around their country. Things like road trips, camping, short local trips etc will most likely be done. Additionally, I also think there will be a gentle rise in international flights for those that are brave enough to go abroad. These movements in the rate of travel will definitely help the travel industry however I don’t think it will make a big shift.
“What about Christmas 2021?”
This is another popular question, and with the way Christmas 2020 went I can understand everyone’s concern. I don’t think Christmas 2021 will be like last year, I think by then mixing will be allowed, although I think it will only be for families. With the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccines and the rate that people are getting this, I would expect that the majority of people who are high risk would have received the vaccine way before December 2021.
covid-19 vaccine
To round up, I believe a lot of factors are playing into when things will get back to normal. For now, the best we can do is keep up with what the government is projecting and hopefully we can get back to planning our vacations.
What other questions do you have? Ask them below.

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