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Valencia is one of those places that you don’t think of first for a holiday destination, but then it gets suggested to you and so you think “why not” and as soon as you land in this gorgeous Spanish city and you see the beauty of it, you’ll be so glad you gave it a chance. Whether you plan to go for just the weekend or for a full-on two weeks holiday, Valencia has so much to offer. From its rich historic monuments to its buzzing beaches, there are so much to do that will fill the schedule of your day.
Here are 5 top places you should definitely check out when you are in Valencia, Spain:
1.     City of the Arts and Sciences / Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
Now the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias is so beautiful to look at, definitely Instagram worthy. The complex is made of a few structures which all have different purposes.
  • L’Hemisferic – this is an Imax cinema as well as a museum.
  • Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe – this is another part of the museum, which serves to provide information and history on the Sciences.
  • L’Umbracle – This is a walkway surrounded by many types of plants and small trees.
  • Also check out L’Agora , this building is where concerts sporting events are held. Perfect to vary the things you do whilst in Valencia.
2.     Oceanogràfic
If you love aquatic animals, this is the spot for you! They have an underground aquarium tunnel and as an added bonus they also have an aqua show – with beautiful dolphins. 
3.     Placa de Bous de Valencia
This is a 19th-century bullring and museum, situated right next to Valencia Nord Station.
4.   Estacio del Nord (Valencia) / Valencia North Station
This is the main train station in Valencia, that links to other major cities such as Madrid. It is situated next to the Placa de Bous de Valencia surrounded by a plethora of high-end shopping outlets. This makes the area very beautiful and definitely worth taking a lot of photos for Instagram.
5.     Valencia Cathedral
Last but not least is the Cathedral, this beautiful building is situated within the city centre which is a plus as there are easy transport links. I would recommend you to visit in the morning as there are less people around and plenty of opportunities to take beautiful pictures. On the note of recommendations when you do visit the cathedral, on your way in there is an ice-cream parlour, I highly recommend this! They have the best ice cream in Valencia – check out “Bertal Ice Cream”.

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