Top 5 Black Beauty Influencers with over 1 Million Views

black beauty influencers

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Over the years, the beauty industry has been shaken by many black women – not only have we push for more products that relate and match closely to our melanin skin tone but we also have pushed for more job opportunities and business contracts to be given to black women. 
So here are 10 black women who are beauty influencers, shattering glass ceiling and securing the bag (yes hunny). If you haven’t already, follow them and support.


1. Jackie Aina 
*sings* Jackie Jackie Jackie – if you’ve watched Jackie long enough you sing along with her when she does her intros to her Youtube videos. She has been making so many waves in the industry and paving the way for black women who want to start up in the beauty world.


Jackie Aina
2. Alissa Ashley
Although I still struggle to tell Alissa apart from her twin sister Arnell; Alissa has amazing beauty skills as well as photography, her attention to detail and eye for fashion pieces is one to watch out for.


Alissa Ashley
3. Patricia Bright
Patricia has been in the Beauty content creator game for a long time, she has definitely set the way for many! She has had the privilege to work with many top makeup brands further pushing for more women of colour in the industry. She has also ventured into Property and Financial Advice


Patricia Bright
4. Shalom Blac
Shalom being a burns survivor, is such an inspirational person. Her drive and resilience, especially in the beauty space has not gone unnoticed. Her success has definitely inspired many others, who may not have had enough confidence to start their careers in the beauty / lifestyle space.


Shalom Blac
5. Nyma Tang
Nyma’s skin tone is simply gorgeous! Her makeup tutorials, with all her tips and tricks are definitely something to watch. She has curated an avenue for the darker skin tone to have a louder voice in the beauty industry and has helped many in which products to use and how to use it.


Nyma Tang

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