Racism & The Monarchy: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

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The Royal Rift has been turned up a notch higher this week when the interview between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Oprah sent shockwaves across the internet. The couple accused the Monarchy and the royal family of racial bias/racism/racist comments. Many people are shocked to find out that Meghan Markle experienced racial bias from the Monarchy in particularly from prominent members of the royal family. But my question is: Why is it hard to believe that the Monarchy/the royal family could be racist or show racial bias?


The interview that was broadcasted on Sunday 7th March 2021 in the US, saw Meghan explicitly state that senior members of the Royal family expressed concerns regarding the shade her baby would be. Many have said it could have been asked out of “innocence” or from ‘being ignorant”, however I don’t think this could ever be the case. No one ever says to a white couple “Oh I wonder what shade of white your baby will be?”, so why do people feel comfortable saying these things to black people. Other excuses that have been thrown around is that black people come in various shades and so it could be a plausible question; but surely so do white people. It is never ok to question a person skin tone no matter who they are.



Over the years, ever since Prince Harry announced their engagement, the media and press have continuously painted Meghan Markle in a bad light. In the interview she explained how the media have “vilified” her  i.e. made her to look like an evil person, while they made Kate Middleton to be seen as some kind of hero. This narrative and the consistent backlash of the media saw her mental health deteriorate she explained. She stated her struggles with suicidal thoughts and mental breakdowns – she expressed how tough those moments were. She reached out to the institution (the Monarch) for support but was left to solve her issues alone; further on in the interview Prince Harry backed her experience. She reasoned that they did not support her due to the fact that she was unwanted and was not liked much. After several attempts to get support, they both decided to relocate out of the UK to Vancouver, Canada and then later to Los Angeles, California in the US.
Once again race is a hot topic, which shows that there is still so much work to be done to eradicate racism. It is now time for a change within the Monarchy; time for Diversity and Inclusion to be taken seriously and for protocols/policies to be made for everyone working within the Monarchy and specifically for the Royal family. 

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