Changing careers in your 30s?


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Changing careers in your 30s?
After building my career throughout my 20s and making it to a fairly good position, turning 30 got me questioning why I still feel unfulfilled. I felt I had done everything the “right” way so why do I still feel I could do more. In one of my recent conversations with a friend, we jokingly teased that if we weren’t getting paid we wouldn’t be doing the job we are currently doing. The thought of being solely money-driven has been playing on my mind for a while and it got me thinking, what is/are my passion(s) and what exactly will make me fulfilled in my job. This led me to start thinking about changing careers in my 30s, whether it is feasible? Is it even worth it, will it guarantee me being fulfilled? So many questions but no straightforward answers.



My background in Economics and Finance has been something I thoroughly enjoy studying and wouldn’t mind doing it again. However, just because I enjoy something does that equate to it being my passion? I also enjoy dancing but I don’t ever intend to have a dancing career. So, this got me thinking… enjoying something is only a part of the jigsaw, other elements are also required to know if you are truly passionate about something. For me, I started looking at how I contribute to society and in my local area; I quickly realised I don’t contribute at all. Contributing is not always monetary, in fact it can be you offering your time, efforts, resources, skills etc… practically anything that pertains to you, where you willingly provide freely to others. After some soul searching and research, I narrowed down my passions. I started looking at careers that not only pay well but I would be contributing to society and to my local area.




Over the last two years of the pandemic, the sudden shutdown of the economy made me realise just how precious life is and more so, how incredibly important it is to leave a legacy. So, I turned towards the Health sector and began looking to how I can use my current skills to help people directly. Although changing careers would mean more exams, more preparations and a steep learning curve. If I switch over into a new sector, the change will initially be uncomfortable and quite stressful, however over time I will be more fulfilled and have more peace. 
But wait, let’s talk about actually changing careers in your 30s? I have heard many say, if you change careers in your 30s, your earning potential with reduce due to there being fewer years between your current age and your retirement age. This is something that runs through my mind a lot. Although I want to do something that is very fulfilling, I also want to earn money to be able to sustain myself and my family. At the end of the day, its best to do something that is fulfilling even if it’s for just a day than to spend years doing something that leaves you unfulfilled. 
As I continue on my quest of finding a career that is more fulfilling than the one I have now, I always try to understand my feelings and where they come from before taking drastic decisions. Nothing in this life comes easy, so expecting a change in your career to be easy is very unrealistic. In the long run, the benefits of changing careers outweigh the disadvantages and so I continue in getting to a place in my career where I am fulfilled

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